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Parents of young children often have questions about their children. This page endeavors to provide relevant and up to date information on the frequently asked questions. The information is intentionally kept succinct and clear for easy understanding.

Question of the week:
My son's response was 'scared' every time we mentioned or gave him milk. What is your advice?

Infants & Children

Essential Vaccinations Parents should consider (Under Construction)
Asthma & Allergies in Children (Under Construction)
Sleep & Neurodevelopment in Children (Under Construction)
What is infantile colic?
What is reflux?
What are the reasons for feed refusal in young children?
Practical tips for a good start at feeding your baby.
Your baby at 0-3 months.
Your baby at 3-6 months. (Under Construction)
Your baby at 6-9 months. (Under Construction)
Your baby at 9-12 months. (Under Construction)
Building a strong nutritional foundation for your toddler.
Some examples of nutrient dense food. (New!)
Common signs and symptoms in your newborn. (New!)

Preterm babies and NICU graduate

The material is for information only. Readers are advised not to substitute the information provided for professional medical care & consultation.


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