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Dr Low Kah Tzay

Dr Low Kah Tzay graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) and obtained his Master in Paediatric Medicine from the Graduate School of Medical Studies in NUS. He joined National University Hospital as a paediatrician in 1997. He was accredited as a Paediatric Specialist by Ministry of Health, Singapore. He spent a year as a Senior Fellow in Monash Medical Centre, Victoria, Australia in 2000 and sub-specialized in the field of Newborn and Developmental Medicine.


On his return, he worked in National University Hospital (NUH), Singapore as a Consultant Paediatrician in the Dept of Neonatology and The Children Medical Institute. He also held the appointment of Clinical Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, National University of Singapore. He was awarded the Post-graduate Teaching Excellence award in 2002. Whilst in NUH, he was the convenor of the monthly Hospital Perinatal Meeting and was involved in research on the cytokines in the neonates, and long term respiratory and neurodevelopmental outcome of at-risk babies. After working with many parents with premature and sick babies, he also re-started the support group for parents with premature babies, the Early Starter Club.


Dr Low Kah Tzay is currently a medical specialist working at Anson International Paediatric & Child Development Clinic, which is a clinic operated by the Singapore Women's & Children's Medical Group.  He is a shareholder of the Singapore Women's & Children's Medical Group.



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