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Your baby at 0-3 months


Initially, she is only able to lie down and turn her head from side to side.  Her neck is soft and needs to be supported.  She will gradually strengthens and be able to lift her neck in anticipation of being carried.

At first, her palms will be clenched most of the time.  She will exhibit the grasp reflex.  With time, she will open her fist and begin to reach out.  She may begin to place her hands in her mouth.

At birth, she is unable to fixate.  She sees light and shadows and only at a very close distance.  As the months pass, she begins to have face regard and follows an object for 90 degrees.

Socially, she cries when she is in discomfort and quietens when  carried.  Then, she begins to smile spontaneously, usually after a feed and when she is about to fall asleep.   After 2 months, she begins to coo and smile responsively.

Ways for parents to participate:

a. Provides resistance when baby stretches; massage her limbs

b. Offer a toy or your finger when she reaches out to grasp

c. Make contact with different facial expression; smile often

d. Speak and sing to her

e. Respond to her cry promptly; reassure her and builds her confidence



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