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Pediatrician at strives to offer relevant information on basic child health care for all children and specialized care for children with special needs or conditions.

Children are our precious resource for tomorrow. They have unique needs and potential. With a child-orientated approach to health care, they are able to achieve their full potential for the future.

Children require appropriate health care right at the point of birth. Through different stages of their growth, they require regular follow up to maintain health and prevent disease. When they are ill, their condition should be diagnosed early and treated to avoid any long-term complications.


Child health supervision (age appropriate)
Age appropriate developmental screening available for well child visit. More detailed assessment will be recommended if necessary.


Childhood and adolescent immunization
Newborn and infant vaccination. Pre-school and travel vaccination.


Travel clinic for children


Neurodevelopment assessment and intervention
Neurodevelopmental assessment with well established tools. Formal assessment and intervention are provided as a one-stop service arrangement with child-friendly Trained Clinical Psychologists from Mt Elizabeth Medical Charter.


Management of childhood illness (out-patient and in-patient)
Out-patient management of chronic condition such as asthma, eczema, allergic rhinitis, vesicoureteric reflux and acute conditions such as viral illness, upper respiratory tract infection & hand foot mouth disease.

In-patient management of bronchitis, croup, pneumonia, urinary tract infection, hyperpyrexia, dengue.


Perinatal management of high risk pregnancy
Perinatal and post-natal management of babies with ultrasound anomaly such as pelvicalyceal dilatation, absent corpus callosum, dilated ventricles and maternal conditions such as thyroid disease, SLE, diabetes and hepatitis B. Post-natal cranial ultrasound assessment available.


Newborn intensive care
Management of prematurity, low birth weight babies, neonatal sepsis, surgical neonates (tracheo-esophageal fistula, exomphalos). Air ambulance transfer can be arranged with International SOS (65-63387800) or Hope Ambulance (65-90095050).



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